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Forum: but no really where'd everybody go? Dec 20, 2013 3:48:38 GMT
Forum: BRAAAIINS cough cough. ER players. Dec 20, 2013 3:48:12 GMT
rualirrwyn: so are you running the game on the other boards or? Dec 5, 2013 18:02:36 GMT
rualirrwyn: Mm. If you need a slightly unique enemy set, I have the entire hierarchy laid out down to the leaders of the general populous of the volcano temple/city I hadn't gotten down to each sectors population properly but that would take too much. Dec 5, 2013 18:02:06 GMT
damionte: Also I am running the game I'm just not running it here. And having it visibile here I think is confusing people who havn't got it into their heads that the game moved. Dec 5, 2013 14:51:49 GMT
damionte: Rua, I just looked. Neat openeing concept. Dec 5, 2013 14:51:11 GMT
rualirrwyn: bleh. Dat word limit. Anyways, you take a look at my post Daimonte? Dec 4, 2013 19:02:49 GMT
rualirrwyn: Wow ton of guests. Guessing all from the other forums? No one registering/responding though....Damiointe, why you want it killed. Not going to run it or ? Also I believe guests can create a temporary name and respond in the shout box here. Dec 4, 2013 18:56:18 GMT *
damionte: Heya, can you delete the entire Damionte's Game section? Dec 4, 2013 18:48:42 GMT
rualirrwyn: mkay posted in general discussion Yeah actual traffic by me X3 I was uncontent being stuck with the 256 word conversations when I am capable of so much more than a couple line responses. and this way I don't have to double and triple post. Dec 3, 2013 22:43:54 GMT
rualirrwyn: yeah I know the feeling. Though my communities have the tendency to ignore me for some reason. o.o not sure why. Is it terrible that I want to run a3.5 Terraria based game? And that I have descriptions for items that would be campaign based, as well Dec 3, 2013 21:30:29 GMT
John: I'm sitting on three boards that are quiet at the moment... even though the holiday is over. Dec 3, 2013 1:52:34 GMT
rualirrwyn: isn't it usually? I'm dealing with a host issue for a server I run. -.- so yeah sorry for not really being around. Dec 3, 2013 0:54:52 GMT
John: I've been checking in all day long, been pretty quiet. Dec 2, 2013 22:01:54 GMT
rualirrwyn: I'll check in every now and then for sure. Dec 2, 2013 19:04:56 GMT
thorikb: I'm here off and on today. Dec 2, 2013 15:58:53 GMT
John: Around today, if any of the others are. Dec 2, 2013 14:22:02 GMT
rualirrwyn: Tis amusing X3 Nov 30, 2013 9:04:10 GMT
John: I'm attached to the Master Blaster idea now. :) Nov 29, 2013 23:39:59 GMT
rualirrwyn: True however most races that will ally with dwarves has a tendency to share enemies typically. Obviously though I don't tend towards characters that fit the typical notions. Nov 29, 2013 21:53:36 GMT
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